Watch Telephone Calls and Communications. SPY24 claims just who your staff or children are talking to via phone calls or messages.

This traditional element are basic, but required.

View Name Logs

Obtain access to inbound, outgoing and skipped calls logs with day, some time call-duration stamps of any phone call.

View Texting

Study all transferred and received text messages regarding supervised mobile with day, time and contact details.

Watchlist Contacts

Have notifications on specific caller(s) and shield your kids from are called by pedophiles or bullies.

Browse Email and Track On Line Activities

SPY24 allows you for you yourself to track on line behavior of one’s youngsters and employees. Read sent or received e-mails and also inspect comprehensive browsing records which also in a completely stealth setting.

Sent And Gotten Email Messages

Study all email messages received or sent from the standard mailbox regarding the target device.

Track Surfing Background

Track all browsing background information like web sites checked out as well as their volume too.

Become Alerts On Distinct Terminology

Has alerts on certain keywords in text messages, email messages and IM chats.

Gmail Application Emails

Accessibility e-mails from Gmail application configured on all Android.

Monitor Bookmarks

Monitor what sites appeal your young ones or employees the absolute most.

Wi-Fi Network Logs

See Wi-Fi hookup background together with area, date, and energy stamps each Wi-Fi login.

Record Telephone Calls and Surroundings

SPY24’s effective tracking allows you to automatically tape all arriving and outbound calls and also the phone environment.

Record And Tune In To Telephone Calls

Record and download telephone calls from supervised product and hear them at any time.

Record And Tune In To Cell Environment

Pass commands and record mobile environment by being able to access the microphone regarding the target device.

From Another Location Controls Target Phone/Tablet

SPY24 is able to remain in advance from inside the smartphone monitoring games along with its tons of isolated device spying characteristics. With SPY24, you simply get the very best spy app that exists as of yet.

Lock Target Cellphone Or Pill

Lock your own tweens and teenagers’ cellular phones or tablets throughout their rest opportunity or homework for you personally to enable them to attain best routines much less tech-dependency.

Alive Screenshots

Find yourself close up and personal along with your little ones or employees’ cellphone activity with alive screenshots feature.

App Blocking

Target applications that are not suited to your children and block/unblock these with only a single demand in your SPY24 web account.

Remote Command

Forward isolated commands to secure tool, close they straight down, wipe off facts, or switch on the microphone.

From Another Location Rub Device Facts

do not worry about the missing systems anymore; incorporate SPY24’s remote facts rub and keep your group’s confidentiality plus business’s business data protected.

SPY24 Control Panel

See every recreation happening on monitored unit and monitor tasks.


Monitor Keystrokes from WhatsApp, Fb, Skype, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.

View Setup Software Number

Look at the set up apps record to just take a peek in to the the administered person’s software tastes.

24/7 Immediate Notifications

Don’t let everything important to get left behind of picture; SPY24’s 24/7 instant alerts save you opportunity by sifting the typical cellphone task from the unusual.

Alerts on particular contacts

Arranged notifications when it comes to connections you are dubious about acquire informed instantly for almost any related task.

Notifications on specific area

Geo-fence certain locations and set notifications for check-in or checkout on those noticeable places.

Alerts on certain phrase

Set notifications for specific terms and SPY24 will notify you of the use within email messages, SMS or IM chats.

Notifications on SIM credit adjustment

Turn on the SIM credit changes notifications acquire notified anytime a SIM cards was switched regarding the monitored device.

Special Actuarial Reports

Looking into someone’s enormous mobile data for appropriate material is actually a tiresome chore. There could be countless e-mail, messages, chats, etc., leaving you without hint what to do with that suggestions. But with SPY24, you are able to change this simply because our very own special actuarial research collect more crucial information and provide it to you personally in a very nice manner.

Best 5 Callers

Pick who’s keep them active normally on the devices and never having to question them about any of it. Record contains the best 5 frequent callers; saving you the fuss of going through each phone record 1 by 1.

10 Best Frequently-Visited Websites

Awkward scanning behavior maybe bad for any person, especially she or he. For this reason you need to understand exacltly what the nearest and dearest search on the internet so you may step up to intervene when it’s appropriate.

Leading 5 Phone Call Times

For if you want understand just a bit of additional information, we’ve got individually the most truly effective 5 telephone call times. Select an occasion course and SPY24 will filter the top 5 phone call times for the time.

Phone Time Activity Punch Card

A weekly punch card revealing most of the calls and their durations for almost any time of the day.

Accessibility Quick Messenger Chats and Media

SPY24 knows the importance of tracking social media of the household or staff, which’s the reason why, it has among a lot of extensive instantaneous chatting spying. With SPY24, you can read immediate communications as well as thought pictures on select I am apps.

Twitter Messenger spy

See all chats from Facebook Messenger application.

iMessage chats spy

Review all iMessage chats delivered or was given.