Marine Hardware Tools-Machines

Screws, Bolt, Nuts, Washers, Carbon Steel, Stainless, Bronze. Elastic Rings and Pins.

Hand tools, Electric, Pneumatic, Measuring tools.

Welding: Machines, Sticks, Wires, Rods, Gear, Cutting and Welding Gases, Reload Service: Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon.

Abrasives: Discs, Wheels, Sand paper and clothe, Bands, Emery Powder & Paste.

Safety: Protective Gear, Equipment, Respirators, Firefighting, Extinguishers & Hoses, IMO Symbols, Life Jackets.

Instrumentation: Thermometers, Pressure Gauge, Thermocouples, Sensors, Actuators, Positioners. Calibration.

Electrical Equipment: Tools, Instruments, Lighting, Accessories.

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